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Rianne Ward interview - Evolve magazine, London Plus Size Fashion Weekend

 Ciao Bella!

London calling, as I wrote some weeks ago (CLICK HERE) due to the upcoming Plus Size Fashion Week which will shake up the fashion industry putting some (well-deserved) spotlight on women with curves. Since I got the exciting alarm, I wanted to meet the person behind – even if I know there is a big team and more organizations working on this event to happen. One of the organizers is UK’s number 1 online plus size fashion magazine, the Evolve -  founded and owned by Rianne Ward. 

Rianne was kind to settle for a skype interview with me – as plus size enthusiasm overcome some thousands of kilometers easily. Hereby I would like to share the uplifting conversation which I had with this Beauty with Plus (as she has great values, it became clear after couple of minutes of talking!)

Cupcake&Pearls: Please tell me some words about your magazine, the Evolve – its history, vision and background!

Rianne Ward:  First of all, I always say it is not my magazine, but OURS – many women contribute to its success by getting in touch with us from different parts of the world – from Puerto Rico through Australia, more and more curvy women join our community. The aim is to help, support and provide a medium which gives a positive body image for plus size women and spread the word that every shape is beautiful!

C&P:  How did it all start?

R.W.: I was a singer for many years and as a large woman I had to face the challenges of being plus size. I examined what the market has to offer from clothing till fittness and apart from the US, Britain was relatively poor to serve curvy woman. I got inspired though by our American neighbours where the society acceptance of plus size women is much more advanced and decided to start a newsletter. A medium which would help to inspire, to feel good and feel beautiful. Then the idea grew to what Evolve magazine is today – and as our tagline says, we encourage women to find their values and embrace their curves: „Be Proud...Be You!”

C&P:So basically you open the door for international level by inviting all plus size women?

R.W.: Exactly! My aim is not to limit Evolve to be a UK based magazine and community but touch every woman around the globe! Some of our writers are from abroad – and look, even you found me, from Hungary! This is another evidence that we (and size) have no limits!

C&P: Absolutely, I agree! The reason how I found you and Evolve was an upcoming and very exciting event, taking place in London this February. We (me and my readers) are all eager to hear about the LONDON PLUS SIZE FASHION WEEKEND, so Rianne, please share some news with me!

R.W.: With pleasure – as this event is a big milestone not only in Evolve magazine’s life but I believe in all plus size women’s. This year’s London Fashion Week will be special as at that weekend (15-16 February) together with Trapped in a Skinny World we hold the first London Plus Size Fashion Weekend where we aim to connect the retailers and designers with the consumers. From size 12 and up, from all races and parts of the worlds modells (including Hungarian one!) will participate and not only professionals – on purpose we selected average women from the street to present diversity, including not only 20 years old ones but more mature generations!

C&P: This sounds so thrilling – and I read that beside the fashion shows you also planned some further programme for plus size women to participate actively.

R.W.: Yes, we will provide the possibility even for clothes swaping on Saturday, accompanied with styling masterclass to gain more advice how to dress properly, according to each shapes. In the afternoon we plan an open discussion session, moderated by fashion blogger Lauren Ding and among many prominent participants we gained the famous international plus size model, Velvet D’Amour to join our tables. 

C&P: This sounds really more than just a fashion show – but speaking of fashion, can you reveal some brands consumers can meet on the catwalk?

R.W.: Simply Be is one of our biggest name on the list to mention at the moment but I ask your (and your readers) patience as this week we will announce all names of retailers and designers. Just not to leave you without a track: 10-20 brands definitely will represent themselves at the event.

C&P: Ok, so we will keep an eye on Evolve fanpage (CLICK HERE) and the official Facebook page of the event (FIND IT HERE) to stay updated! Last but not least – how would you encourage Hungarian plus size women to start feeling beautiful?

R.W.: You mean, beside reading your blog and following your advice? (laughs) I strongly believe that confidence is the key – and it must come from inside. Never let that your environment, for example a husband or boyfriend take away your shine! Compliments are excellent feedback of the outside, but start building yourself from within. If it makes you happy – buy a lipstick or a nice lingerie, something which will reflect your beauty in your own eyes! We are all different  but every-body is loveable!

C&P.: Thank you very much for your inspiring words and lets continue in February!


Rianne is an exceptional woman – her way of thinking really made an impact on me as we continued our conversation on less-business more-private topics. She was one of 7 children (how lucky, big beautiful family to grow up in) and losing weight was always a subject matter since the age of 8. Then the teenage Rianne had to face the typical „You are the fat – we are your skinny friends” scene which can be really challenging when your personality is so sensitive at your early teens. When I asked her what was the big change – she immediately started to smile and talk about music. As this Beauty with Plus has the music in her soul – and did not keep it only for herself but as a member of a girl group stood on stage and sang it out in soul and r’n’b style. I was really confused at this point – how is it possible that a slightly frustrated girl goes on stage to become the bull’s eye? Then she explained that singing and standing on stage served as a therapy – and not to forget her manager who grabbed her one day in front of the mirror. Slowly the other 2 members disappeared and as a solo singer she really could not hide behind anyone on stage – but thank to her manager she started to see herself beautiful and created a love relationship with her reflection in the mirror. 

I also wanted to know what she loves the most about herself – and beside her deep brown eyes Rianne also mentioned her mindset which only confirmed my believe that change must start inside: when you decide to be positive and look at things differently, then your inner values will really oversize the number on the lable of your clothes!


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