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Interview with Simone Charles (winner of Miss Curvaceous UK 2012)

Ciao Bella,

There are some things in life which people refer to as destiny or fate – I believe what happened to the 20 years old Simone Charles is one of those turns in life. Despite her young age she is determined to make a change in curvy women’s lives – as an important step, beside her role as one of the plus size models at the show, she will be an insider, a backstage reporter of the upcoming Bristish Plus Size Fashion Weekend in February. Apropos of this event, I found her on a social media site and managed to settle and interview with this exceptional beauty.
Cupcake&Pearls:  Simone – your pictures definitely do not lie as you look stunning through the camera as well!
Simone Charles: Thank you for your compliments – it is hard to believe that there was a time when I had strange feelings about how I look. I come from a Carribbean household with rich cooking traditions where we cook with alot of oil and little salad! (she laughs).  Beside my size, which is UK 16 (EU 44) and I would not call it so big but definitely not skinny – I am tall as well with my  5’10 (178 cm) and always felt like the odd-one-out. But it all changed last year when I won the prestigious  Miss Curvaceous UK title.
C&P:  So we can say that you won more than just  an award, right?
S.C: Definitely as being part of something exciting with 14 other contestants and wearing UK designers clothes was an uplifting experience. It was my first trial as a model as curiosity drove me to check how this competition unfolds. The event happened in April 2012 and my life changed when they told my name as the winner – jewelry and consultation with a plus size model agency were cherry on the top but the biggest prize was the change in me. I started to look at myself in a much more positive way – the competition opened the door and I became part of a community of curvy activist women who embrace their curves and love their bodies. 
C&P: This is a really inspiring story about your journey – and did you start modelling right after the competition? Please describe how plus size modelling is from the backstage? Fierce as skinny models’ world?
S.C.: I won a consultation with a plus size model agency and currently working on building up my portfolio. After the competition I found myself in the plus size fashion world where the atmosphere surprised me as well. I also know the stereotypes of how skinny models fight, backstab each other but what I saw is a society of humble, happy girls who know how to handle their bodies and appreciate what they have. I think our skin somehow grew thicker and we also learned how to accept each other in a much faster and easier way. Plus size models have a mental and physical peace within.
C&P: Good to know that plus size models are different in that way as well! But I know you are not only a plus size model – but TV host and presenter!
S.C.: What I do is an expanded model career as beside pursuing my dreams as a plus size model, I felt the need to convey my message in a more prominent way. I want to speak out and let other curvy women to be heard so at the casting day of British Plus Size Fashion Weekend I had the possibility to make interviews and reports with the organizers, the participants and in February I will do the same as an exclusive backstage reporter. I feel that being a fashion event presenter gives various possibilities to give a shoutout in the name of the whole plus size society. I know that in a way you have the same mission with Cupcake&Pearls and I am waiting for more and more English posts from you!
C&P:  You are right – I need to break the language barriers as well! So what message would you send out to us, Hungarian curvy women?
S.C.: When you wake up in the morning, thank God for being alive and then look into the mirror and say out loud: God made me perfectly! You must accept and love yourself for what you are – within and out! I am sure you help those women with your blog, with your community and as being a body acceptance activitst!
C&P: Thank you for your touching words – and we see each other in February!

Regardless the physical distance between us, I felt Simone’s words so close to me so when I told her about my Beauties with Plus movement, she immediately wanted to know more. As I explained her how I help women to see themselves beautiful, she wanted to be part of it by telling me about her biggest plus, her biggest passion which is knowledge and pushing the limits. She studies psychology at university and wanted to try something different, something which scared her: to move out from her comfort zone, literally. So she packed and moved to Cheltentham a town near Wales where she’s never been before and started an independent life with new job, new rental and seeking of new people around her. Listening to her story felt encouraging for me not to be afraid of changes, to step on new horizones as change brings the good turns on its way, we just need to be brave, passionate and pursue happiness in every aspect of life. 
So Beauties with Pluses, be brave and step out from the comfort zone – take Simone as a role model who already did so and she will not stop here! I’ll definitely keep an eye on her in the future!
You can also follow her at:
Twitter/Instagram: @Simonecharles_ Blog: Simonecharles.tumblr.com


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