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Loving Your Curves, Day 2

Ciao Bella,

This Sunday morning was not like the others as the second day of Loving Your Curves event was particular among all plus size events: everything revolved around newly-weds-to-be. Honestly, it was hard for me to say objective as I got engaged in August so I was waiting for this day so much. Finding the right casual dress can be challanging for plus size but when it comes to the right wedding dress, it is really demanding. And all girls deserve to be and look special on the Big day – regardless of their weights!

The visitors on this day changed a bit due to the special thematics of the day as it was more than plus size fashion. In the beautiful hotel by the Thames we moved with confidence with my sweet Nikki with whom we became inseparable. Funnily, many people asked about our friendship, how long we know each other and they hardly believed we met 2 days prior to Sunday. In the exhibitors’ hall I managed to take a closer look at Long Feet Boutique and though my shoe size is quite regular, I found it a really amazing business idea! Aramide, the Director of the company caters for ladies with size 8-11 with these unique shoes which idea was very welcomed among taller ladies with bigger feet. It was impossible not to notice those cakes exhibited in the middle of the room which I rather call cake art. Nikki and myself started to plan our wedding cakes already when I noticed a brand name with an Italian sound. I was right, I Pregi pieces are handmade jewellery sourced from Valenza Po, a small Northern Italian town whic is well-known for its jewellery crafts. Among those beautiful semi-precious stones, gold and silver pieces I met Vanessa who is a lovely Italian lady living in London as the UK representative of the brand, and we even exchanged some words in Italian. 

I Pregi jewellery

If it is wedding, there must be wedding rings and it was hard to pick from the many beautiful pieces but this particular one with nice cut diamonds really caught my attention.
It was really useful to walk and chat with the exhibitors as a bride-to-be could even pick a makeup artist or an event organizer company ont he spot. Of course men were not forgotten as they could find tailor made suits, shirts or cuffs in the venue, too. My extremity of wedding feeling got to the top when I was watching wedding videos on a screen but then I had to check the time not to miss the floral workshop which I was planning to attend. For a while I am interested in flowers and was happy to watch how simply (or at least it looked like that, wait till I try at home!) to make a rounded bouquet from roses.

Then Kemi grabbed us gently with Nikki and 3 other girls to the backstage and the next minute I already had a Kemo Boutique dress on me and was on my way to a special photoshooting, held by the photographer of The Sun newspaper, in an elegant room of the hotel.

in a Kemi Boutique dress, waiting for the photoshoot
 I hardly believed I was on a real  shooting – only the shoes which were given to me made me realize it was real. Then I lived the moments of a working model when you wear what they give you, not necessarily in your size. I fel released when I heard „We are done!” and on barefoot I walked to the backstage to put back my Cult of California dress and comfy shoes.


Last moments before the catwalk

Last touch before the show
Not much time left, just a last look at the models who were ready to show those elegant and particular dresses on the catwalk, alongside with the shapewear as important part of our dresses. I took my seat int he front row and Nikki opened the show with her cheerful way. She is a professional, no doubts! Designer and brand clothes came along on the catwalk as: A Finer Figure, Lillian Mayro, Carolyn De La Drapiere, Simply Be and KemiBoutique. Here are some pictures:
A Finer Figure

A Finer Figure
Simply Be UK

Lillian Mayro

Simple Be UK
Carolyn De La Drapiere
At the end of the show we took some pictures together with the models and Nikki then headed back to our hotel. As it was Nikki’s first time in Europe, I was happy to join her a late evening London sightseeing and we really had a lot of fun. The moments of goodbye was harder than I thought but I am sure, this was not the last time we met!

After the show

At London Bridge with Nikki Gomez
I want to thank to Kemi Farquharson and her whole team for inviting me to Loving Your Curves and that I could be part of this great event which filled me up, inspired and I want to spread its message to as many women as possible: you have to love your curves!

More pictures and backstage images from the show you will find on my youtube channel, in the 2nd video of the event, CLICK HERE TO WATCH




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