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Loving Your Curves, Day 1

Ciao Bella,

Regardless of my tired travel body, on Saturday morning I jumped out of the comfortable (and huge!)  hotel bed like a child on Christmas morning. I was full of excitment and could not wait to meet the participants of the event as I was sure it will be a supportive and positive community waiting for me. And I was so right!

During our taxi drive to the beautiful hotel ont he river Thames, Nikki Gomez showed how a true model is always ready: as she did not have time to polish her nails, she was saved by some nail stickers from her „never full” bag. When we entered the lobby, some participants were waiting there with whom we got on friendly turns easily as we were discussing some typical curvy girl issues and after sharing some thoughts they did not seem strangers anymore but welcoming new friends. The event was held ont he first floor and we checked the backstage works where stylists were ironing clothes and models were int he hands of hairdressers, make up artists and nail artists. As we did not want to disturb the preparations, we continued our walk towards the expo area where many fantastic companies were present: from beauty will big size custommade shoes. Both me and Nikki got excited for the henna painting so we had to try those special designs with rhinestones, adding the perfect finish to our outfits.



We did not have much time as the organizer, Kemi Farquharson whispered to my ears the exciting news: I will be the first among the workshops with talking about Beauty With Plus project. I can’t be grateful enough for this possibility as I work for this cause day and night! I entered the room with my nerves on all edge but the smiling faces helped to overcome my fears. I was happy to talk about you, who support me every day by sharing your BWP stories to empower other women and show how confidence does not depend on bodyshape or size. I talked about self-acceptance, self-love and a bit of my own journey and then we played a bit of self-confidence game and as a result some eyes got wet. To be honest, it touched me as well to see and hear those beautiful ladies with their stories and I was so happy when some of them stepped to me after the workshop to thank the experience and advice I gave them.

Beauty With Plus workshop
My workshop was followed by one about sport and being fit, held by Riccardo who is a personal trainer. He highlighted the importance of healthy curves and helped us with useful advice to overcome the critical points we all experience such as „I don’t have time for sport” „The gym is quite expensive” and he even gave some tips for home exercises.

After inner and outside wellness, the next workshop focused on beauty and makeup by CSG Beauty. The proper makeup with countouring can be a trasure for rounded face girls like me – as you can optically lose some of that roundness! We got advice for home skincare, too – as scrubs made of brown sugar or honey.

During the lunchbreak I met some fantastic ladies, had very inspiring conversations and I was about to get a typical fish and chips with Nikki when a smiling lady stepped to me and said: „You are Susie from Cupcake&Pearls, right? I was waiting so much to finally meet you!” I got embarrassed as I did not recognize her. She was Cleo, the marketing & PR manager of UK Plus Size Events, organizer of British Plus Size Awards. We had a lovely chat and she kindly invited me to the British Awards to London for which I felt extremely honoured!
Cleo Peacock, UK Plus Size Events
I did not have much time for lunch as everything was ready to start the show, the models were waiting to show the works of British fashion designer graduates, designers and brands. The host of the event, Nikki opened the show and she put us all in a very positive mood with her crushing smile and sweet personality, even those smiled who could not have an after-lunch coffee. But lets see the pictures of Simple Be UK, Kemi Boutique, Dea London, fashion design graduates and Evie Amore lingerie:


After the show we did a lot of pictures together with the participants and I was so happy to see many #BeautyWithPlus supporters from Instagram.
With Amy, Jade and Charlotte (models) after the show

I felt a certain vibe throughout the event – these women are not competing with each other, not gathering in cliques. They support each other and stick to one another – even a stranger will welcome you with a wide smile and some kind words so you can feel: you are part of the community, regardless your weight, skin colour or country of origin. Everyone was so relaxed, new friendships were born and we all must be grateful to Kemi who made this event happen and bring plus community together. In our goodie bags we got some plus size magazines, cosmetics and even a hand made jewelry, too!

With a pleasant tiredness we headed back to our hotel and to my biggest happiness, Nikki said yes for a video interview so soon you will hear more about her Beauty with Plus story on the blog.

Check the first day’s mood video on my youtube channel CLICK HERE TO WATCH

To be continued…


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