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What happened B.E. (before the engagement)

Ciao bella,

I got a really touching and honest email yesterday from one of my Beauties (readers) who shared her story with me and at the end she wrote that it feels like she knows me for years. It felt so good to read this as sharing parts of my private life happens on purpose as I want to get close to you. The blog became 1 year old these days and it is time to share the most intimate and romantic story of my life with you.
This post will be longer with more text  to consume but I hope you will feel the love which I possess when I am writing down these lines.
Cinque Terre (Toscany) on the Street of Lovers

As you were testimonies of my engagement at the end of August on the blog's Facebook page (hereby let me thank again for all the best wishes - you are the best!) - I thought of sharing my very personal  and most romantic story of finding this handsome Italian guy. Back in 2009 I was living the hard core party life when I noticed that late night (or better say: early morning) parties are not enough anymore but wait a minute, am I worth only a crazy one night stand? Is there really nobody who wants to take me as a serious girlfriend? I mean, parties and light relationships are fine but I wanted the nice guy who loves me in the morning as well, without any makeup!
The question which many desperate women ask regardless their weights but as I found only the idiot males and it seemed impossible to find a nice guy - I started to believe that all happened because of my weight. I hated my big tummy and I was sure that was the reason of my single life. Then some girlfriends and the book/film The Secret dragged me out of that misery and I started my journey towards self-acceptance. I started to accept and love who I am - already with a vision in my head of the perfect guy: who looks like Clive Owen and loves me how Mark Darcy loved Bridget Jones "Just as you are!"
Then a long weekend full of fun and parties brought the change in my life -almost literally. I met 3 guys from Canada who lived in Budapest and they asked the usual question: "Are you on Facebook?" Well, for you I could be - I felt the need so after my return I registered. As I was cruising on the sea of social media, I learned that many friends used alterego names so one day I had a crazy idea: lets find Clive Owen. Of course the real one - or at least with this name! After scrolling down many profiles with the picture of the actor, I found Him. He had masculine face, a but reminding me of the British actor and his name was Clive Owen. I did not think too much just followed my insticts and dropped him a short message: "Congratulations to your parents, great genetics! What is your real name?" How lame, isn't it?
I didn't see his marital status or country of origin but the next day I got the reply. We started a light get-to-know-you emailing - his name was Marco and he was from Italy. Then I saw full body pictures of him and as that time he attended the gym 4 times per week - he really had the bodx of a Roman god - and so I showed those pictures proudly to my girlfriends. Everything happened just like in the movies - never ending mails, skype calls, text messages and phone calls. It felt like we know each other. Some of my friends tried to pull me back to reality as after 2-3 weeks it was impossible for them to believe I felt this way.  And after 3 weeks he bought his airplane ticket as we were sure: we must meet!
Dec 2009 - when we first met
Of course I had to listen to all horror stories of internet dating and some of my "girlfriends" even went further: "How do you think you can keep such a handsome guy?" they asked. Well, it did not feel too good and did not do any good to my self-confidence but then I thought, why not? Why he could not love me with all my extra weight? Why would it be impossible that he sees my inner values? And he did. I will never forget the day when I was standing at the airport anxiously, waiting for him at the door. And the door opened and with a big smile we were just hugging, without any words to say - yeah, like that scene in the movies when you ignore the rest of the airport.
Dec 2009 at our 2nd meeting when I flew to Italy and we went to spend some days at Garda lake. He booked accommodation and these flowers were waiting for me there. Because he knew they are my favourites.
So this is how it all began then we made 1 year long distance relationship and we survived and we proved how some people were wrong. He gave up his country, his family, his friends and his job to move to my country...for me! Because he loves me the way I am - and he is not interested if my tummy is big or not. It is difficult to describe this guy - but once you meet him, you will not forget the smile on his face, the warm welcome he gives you when you visit or the tastes of the food he prepares for you. You can always rely on him and surely he will always make you smile!
Paris, 2011 - it was my dream so he made it come true and organized a surprise trip to the city of love
Thank you for reading my story and thank you that I could share it with you, my Beauties! If you are single now - just look at my story and believe me when I say: true love do exist and there are no boundaries!

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