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Beauty With Plus - Cara Scott plus model

Ciao Bella,

I spotted her charismatic face on the August cover of Venus Diva Magazine and after reading her interview I was sure: there is a certain PLUS in this gorgeous model which I am determined to find out. So I contacted her and agreed on an interview which was full of laughters, surprises and inspirational moments. My pleasure to introduce to you the newest supporter and member of Beauty With Plus community – Cara Scott model whose destiny is to be different!

Cupcake & Pearls: Your face with that particular almond shaped eyes is definitely to be remembered!
Cara Scott: Thank you, dear! I am proud of my diverse origins but believe me, there was a time when this red hair represented my outcast label at school. Being a big girl with flaming red hair was something for my peers to pick on but thanks to my wonderful family, I could believe that I was (and still am) beautiful. After my high school struggles to fit in I learned to stand out. I believe there is always a reason to be different – if you are a curvy woman and not like others, you should wear it with pride! God created us with a purpose to be diverse!
C&P: I love your enthusiasm and positive thinking – and now I know it comes from the family!
C.S.: Definitely! My source of inspiration was always mom who is an adorable and strong woman. She had to overome so many obstacles to support me and my brother that she is really a role model for me. Beside her I owe a lot to my wonderful team of two: Allison and Pam who are always beside me and encourage me in hard moments. I am really grateful to have such great people around me! My goal is to share this inspiration with other women who see me in magazinest o feel good about themselves. Beauty comes in bigger sizes too – and my 18/20 size shall stand as an example: every body is beautiful!
C&P: How did your model carreer started?
C.S.: As a break – no matter how weird it sounds! Originally I am an opera singer and in 2010 I wanted to have a bit of a break in my carreer so I applied to a model search and I came in 2nd place which led to test shoots in leather gloves and commercial modeling. It took a while to find my own voice in plus size modeling but  as I was always attracted to haute couture, it seemed the right segment to explore. Velvet D’Amour encouraged me to try myself in couture, we did an editorial together in 2012. Following that I made my appearance in Pose Magazine and Skorch Magazine, too.
C&P: Opera singer having a break and exploring couture in plus size – what a change! But you still sing, right?
C.S.: Yes, I do – singing is my first love since the age of 10 when I started it. Or actually I think it started when my mom put headphones on her stomach during pregnancy and she listened to classical music. Music is really important in my life and I even learned how to be confident on stage – and believe me, for a big girl it is even a bigger challenge! When you are on stage, you are standing there naked and people can judge you! Also, it can be really discriminative against different body shapes – but as my grandmother always said „ You have a purpose” so I did not give up and will never do!
C&P:  A young lady at the age of 25 who already found her voice – literally and in every sense! You do have that certain PLUS within!
C.S.: Thank you – I am proud to have inner values, as you call it „PLUS” within – but I want to drop it from „plus size model” as I really believe we are models like any other, just with different body shapes. Being curvy or big is not a handicap and in order to make society accept this, we should not call ourselves „plus” models. Lets show we are the same and make that gap smaller. I love my fellow curvy models and we make a great community – of course there is competition everywhere but we work for the same goal of positive body image and at the end of a shooting we go out for drinks and to have fun.
C&P: And as everything starts with self-acceptance, what is your advice for those who still struggle with it?
C.S.: First and foremost: do not focus on the negative! Pick your best feature, look into the mirror and point out what you love about yourself! Take my example – a flaming red hair can be something characteristic, something special to love! You are different for a reason – and I believe we are all beautiful in our imperfectly perfect shapes!
C&P: What is your trademark which makes Cara herself – beside your voice of course!
C.S.: The big hair – I love my crazy, uncontrollable big red hair and I would never change it! Besides I love the bling – all types of jewelries and I can’t imagine a day without a statement piece of earrings or necklace!
C&P: Thank you so much for the lovely chat – and hope to hear you singing live sometime!
As we were chatting and I saw her neverending smile through the video camera, I got to think about finding our own voice. Consciously or unconsciously we want to be similar to a model, a celebrity, a friend, a girl on TV, a singer, etc. and forget to worship the perfect creature God made: us!
Cara talked about her journey of self-recognition to me which was not a simple road to take. When she started singing she always imitated someone else until she had to realize: her own voice was worth it. Speaking of happiness, it arrived in her modeling carreer when she gave up the commercial shoots and finally started to make what she really loved: the glamorous couture! Even if it seemed a niche area to explore, she had to accept if that is what makes her happy – that is her destiny to do!
She also taught me how a woman can have stamina – being a 5’5  (165 cm) girl, who would give a chance for you to model? She found it because she believed in it and she had a purpose with it: to show the world that beauty comes in bigger clothes sizes and in smaller heights as well! Because Cara has that certain PLUS within – a true Beauty With Plus she is and I am glad to know her!
Cara Scott on Facebook: CLICK HERE
Twitter: @plusmodelcara
Instagram: @plusmodelcarascott

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