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Jezra Matthews plus size model - Beauty With Plus interview

Ciao Bella,

Instagram is such a great application as checking pictures does not require much time so I spend some time on a daily basis to discover new faces of the plus size industry. This is how I found Jezzy who is an aspiring model and beside her outfit posts I fell in love with the positive text messages she inspires her followers every day – including myself! She promotes healthy curves and confidence so it was time for me to get to know this beautiful lady.

Cupcake&Pearls: I see on your profile that inspiring others for a more positive life is very important for you.

Jezra Matthews: Being an aspiring plus size model has a purpose for me to motivate other women and promote self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-confidence. Standing on a podium and talking to people is not my goal – I rather inspire others through my pictures and images. I really want to touch the lives of young people, young women as they need to know that God made us different and it is totally ok to have love handles or bigger legs. At the end of the day, who wants to look like somebody else when even twins do not look exactly like each other?!

C&P: I can’t agree more – why to be a copy of someone else when you can be original, right? And how your modeling carreer started?

J.M.: It started nearly 2 years ago and I believe those are not only model pictures but a realization of my message of body awareness. I do really want to promote positive body image via my pictures so not just wearing some nice clothes and pose in them. I do love modelling and happy that I gave in to a photographer who encouraged me to take some test shoots so now I am building up my portfolio.

C&P: How do you see the phrase „plus” – do we need it? Or just say, you are  a model.

J.M.: I like it and at the same time I don’t as for example if there is an event called Plus Night Out – women with curves are happy to attend as they know that the event is dedicated to celebrate body diversity and they will feel comfortable among other women who know exactly how is life with curves. On the other hand, we should emerge fashion as a plus size model is totally the same person as a straight model just with a bit of more curves involved (she laughs).
C&P: Speaking of Plus Night Out, I know you attended, please tell us about this curvy event.

J.M: PNO is an event for plus size designers to come and show their plus size line of fashion. It's an event where you see live full figured models, a great place to network. Its was a great experience for me I love seeing new fashion and having a sense of what's new in the plussize world. The models did an amazing job they work the runway. Seeing so many confident women makes me so proud and happy about what I'm doing. I got to meet and greet my fellow contributors  in the plus size world. The event brought style and fashion live and direct.

C&P: Beside modeling do you have a daytime job?

J.M.: I used to work in HR and now I work at a college helping students to get their grades but my passion is to become a couselor as I am studying psychology now as well. And especially I want to focus on young girls to help them – which I already doing as on my Facebook fanpage I get so many emails from girls or their parents who seek my advice and help which I am so happy to give.

C&P: And what advise would you give for a woman reading this article who still hates her body?

J.M.: Self-acceptance is crucial and saying you are ugly will not help in that. For the moment, even forget what you don’t like about your body and focus only on the positive: start making a list and write down what you love about yourself, whether from the outside or the inside.

C&P: How do you see yourself in couple of years time?

J.M.: Motivation, definitely! I want to travel around the world, being a counselor who help one on one or group of girls, students who have issues with themselves and trying to help them. I believe these kids just need a little push and help to bring out the positive and confidence in them.

C&P: And what are those little fashion tips you also apply? How would you describe your style?

J.M.: I am more of a comfy and relaxed type of girl but of course when I go out I love dressing up in those bodycon dresses and high heels. But funnily, my most beloved accessory is my phone – I wouldn’t leave the house without this little gadget (she laughs). So for example I am not the girl who doesn’t step out of the house without makeup – today I am all natural at work as tonight I am getting professional makeup done later on. But it was not hard to step out on the streets without any foundation or mascara.

C&P: As a new member of Beauty With Plus, what inner plus is your favourite in a woman which she can be proud of?

J.M.: I love women with high self esteem – not cocky or too big headed but when a woman exactly knows her worth and proud of it. Confidence is really a beautiful instinct in a woman!
C&P: I can tell you have a high self esteem and in an absolutely positive sense! But do you also get negative comments?

J.M.: Of course, darling! There are always people who do not necessarily like you but I have a thick skin and strong self-confidence so I do not let those words or comments affect how I feel about myself. I know that there are many people who are not well with being who they are so they get scared meeting a woman like me who is happy in her own skin. Then they try to ruin my confidence by making faces or comments but then I say look, I love me and at the end of the day this is what really matters.The other day a woman contacted me who was desperate as her husband calls her fat all the time so I advised her to take a girlfriend and go for shopping a nice dress which pleases her, in which she feels good and which flatters her figure as at the end of the day she must be happy with how she looks.

C&P: I can’t agree more, thank you so much for sharing your story and supporting Beauty With Plus!

As I was talking with this 28 years old woman, two words came to my mind constantly: peace and love. All her words were filled with a particular peacefulness, she is happy with herself and with the world around her– I did not hear any sour or negative words from her. What really inspired me and actually made me laugh that when she was a young girl, she was skinny like me and more or less we were at the same age, in out teenager period when she also gained some extra. And you know how she lived that experience? She had cousins who were bigger and she always envied how the clothes fitted their curves and so the little Jezzy was always longing for some curves, a bigger butt and then she got it. I do not remember ever hearing such a story so far when someone actually want those curves instead of losing them. Healthy curves are important and Jezzy loves walking to keep fit which she emphesized in our conversation.

She is a real Beauty With Plus – someone whose destiny is to help others to get a better mental life with loving themselves for who they are. I love her empathy and good heart which radiated thru her words. And finally another BWP who choses flats over heels, just like me. Though she loves wedges and platforms but we agreed that a comfortable flat will serve us better on a long day.

I am happy I had the chance to meet my American counterpart and I believe in her, travelling around and giving help for those in need of higher self esteem and confidence!
Jezzy's Facebook page: CLICK HERE
Instagram: @Jezrammodel

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