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Loving Your Curves interview with Kemi Farquharson (Kemi Boutique) - Beauty With Plus member

Ciao Bella,

As announced earlier (check HERE if you missed it) I became the official European blogger of Loving Your Curves Wedding Fair and Fuller Figured Expo taking place in London, 21-22 September, 2013. I was thrilled to accept such an honourable duty to do in order to spread the words of positive body image and acceptance.

My mission regarding the event is to give more details about the background and participants - and who can be better as a kickoff person to be interviewed if not the lovely Kemi Farquharson who is the founder of the expo itself.

Cupcake&Pearls: Before talking about the event itself, please tell about your designer carreer, Kemi!

Kemi Farquharson: At 24 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and took some years to embrace my curves and redefine my syndrome. So when in my late twenties grew really frustrated with the lack of options in Plus Size Fashion in London I knew I wanted to design for women in my same situation. I then decided to take some time out for health reasons and travelled to Jamaica where inspired by life, love, travel and the faw beauty of the Caribbean began designing my collections. Over the next few years I prepared for self-employment and went back to college to study professional sewing, pattern cutting, draping, fashion illustration and tailoring at Morley College & Newham College. 

C.&P.: What a journey - literally and spiritually! And where the bridal idea came from?

K.F.: I decided to specialise in wedding dresses because of my personal experience when looking for wedding dresses a few years back I did not have a great time, the dresses came up really small and as a size 18 was offered dresses in a size 22, not a great moral booster. I also found that a lot of the shops did not have larger size stock dresses or were not friendly to Plus Size brides-to-be. I did not want anyone to have the same experience that I did and so the core of Kemi Boutique is great customer service and creating a fabulous wedding dress experience.

C.&P.: They say the best ideas come from frustration and you prove it yourself! And as a designer, who or what inspires you?

K.F.:Love, Life, Travel and Culture inspires me. I love dramatic romance and am inspired by designers like Vivienne Westwood, Christian Lacroix and Elie Saab.

C.&P.: We know what characteristics to pair with these designers and their pieces but how would you describe your brand?

K.F.: Kemi in Yoruba means “Cares for me” and I would say that is the essence on my brand. Excellence with a personal and caring touch.

C&P.: What do you love most about your job?

K.F.: I love being creative, planning, and interacting with people. I love that it is my brand, my business, my way.

C&P.:  I can confirm that you are such an open person and easy to talk with! So is this caring for others stand behind the idea of Loving Your Curves event?

K.F.: In a way, yes! Loving Your Curves is the slogan from Kemi Boutique. Loving your curves, loving you. As a Plus Size bridal designer I was surprised to find there was not wedding fair exclusively for the bride with curves when so many ladies have shared the challenges they had finding their plus size wedding dress, so I decided to create the platform.

C&P: But it is not about fashion only, right?

K.F.: When planning the event I really wanted to have health elements as I have PCOS and know the challenges it can present, weight management being one of them. I am really passionate about health and empowerment so created a two day platform catering for ladies with curves.
For me it is all about quality, empowerment and acceptance and creating the event has been great fun with elements like the runway shows, beauty lounge and workshops. So curvy ladies can expect to be pampered, and have a wonderful time.

C&P: Can you reveal some designers whom we can see on the catwalks?

K.F.:I am really excited to share that we will be having designers like Lillian Mayro, Dea London and Carolyn De La Drapiere  for the ladies and Morts and More for the men in their lives. We are also excited to have confirmed workshops in Makeup, Styling, Colour Analysis, Panel of Brides and Nutrition so stay tuned for more updates. 

C&P: As you know, I have an empowering movement called "Beauty With Plus" with inspiring women like yourself who share their personal journeys of self-acceptance. I'd love to hear about your beginnings, your childhood!

K.F.:I was very sporty and active as a child and teenager participating in sports like netball, synchronised swimming, tennis and weight lifting. I did not experience weight gain until about 18 when my Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) stated to present a number of challenges.

C&P: I love that you are so open about your syndrome to inform others! Was it hard to accept your body changes?

K.F.:I was not bullied at school or have any image challenges as a teenager. To be honest I really did not have questions of my body until my mid-twenties when I was diagnosed with PCOS and fertility became a journey of acceptance. Personally my GP has been very supportive as has counselling. These are the foundations of passion that Loving your curves expo have been founded upon. Education and Information in a supportive and fun environment. 

C&P: What "plus" can make a woman beautiful?

K.F.:Definitely self confidence, self-assurance, self love and self-awareness these are the real elements that make a woman of any size beautiful.

C&P: And last - fashion is so part of your life, reveal us your iconic pieces, what is your favourite recently?

K.F.:For anyone that knows me they would say I love the summer and as such a summer wardrobe. I would say my wardrobe must haves are summer slippers, I have been known to wear them in the winter!

C&P: Kemi, thank you so much for the interview and see you soon in London!

I am really proud to share Kemi's story which is really empowering -this Beauty With Plus is brave, encouraging and so cheerful - we laughed a lot during our skype interview. I can't wait to meet her finally in person in September!
Stay tuned as every now and then till the event of Loving Your Curves I will reveal more and more information about the designers, the movement and the powerful women who decided to be part of it!
And I will also have a surprise for Cupcake&Pearls readers to get the chance to be present with me in London!


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