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Beauty With Plus movement - Renáta Vogt, plus size model, Hungary

Ciao Bella,

I met Reni on the Beauty Day event of Plus Size Advice, organized by its founder, Dóri who introduced me this constantly smiling, cheerful girl. Dóri was sure we need to sit down for a chat with Reni as she holds so many values worth of knowing. From the minute we met her positive energy radiated all around her and there was no need for words to prove: she feels just fine in her own skin!

We met on a sunny afternoon for a creamy latte and she told the story of her life from early childhood till the catwalks and photoshoots as for 4 years she has been being a plus size model and for 2 years she is the face of X Class brand for curvy women. But how it all started?

As you could read in previous Beauty With Plus stories, Reni’s carreer started pretty much the same like other plus size models: her environment encouraged her to try and enroll in a model course. She puts on a sweet smile when remembering about her first fashion show on Slim Expo where she did not have much chance to choose her preferred dresses to wear but the minutes she stepped on the runway, all eyes were on her. After the show many photographers came to her and asked her contacts which really boosted her confidence. Then she was sure she chose the right direction!

As a little girl though she received different comments from her peers as she was the fat girl with whom nobody wanted to be friends. How big the world changed, right? Now those people would become friends with her as her mission is to help others. She highlighted it during our conversation as a goal set behind the glamurous photoshoots and catwalks. Since Reni knows how it feels to be left alone, to be an outsider – she feels it important to give a helping hand to others.

Whenever I meet such happy, balanced and confident Beauties like Reni with her iconic smile, I often wonder where do all condifence come from? Her way of thinking was very similar to mine – literally we filled in the gaps in each others’ sentences when talking about the importance of „me, myself and I”.  If you always depend on others (husband or a friend) to build up your condifence you become naked– and what is the guarantee that your source will always be there in need? Who is the one who is always there for you? You know the answer – it is so important to build a healthy relationship with your own self and as Reni phrased it: do not depend on others!

Time went by, we had a really nice girl talk and as a typical topic: men came up in the conversation. Reni talked about another interesting feature of her: relationship with the ex. Lets be honest – most of us check the new girlfriend but Reni simply is confident enough to know: she was not left or broken up with due to a prettier or slimmer girlfriend. That is the right attitude with confidence!

I couldn’t hide the surprise on my face when I listed her sport history. Don’t get me wrong, exercise is part of my life as well but this Beauty takes 4-5 occasions per week to release stress or fill in her batteries with energies (which seemed always on top for me). She has been doing afro dance and aerobic for 2 years and also attends the gym for various classes. I am so happy she serves as a great example to prove: curvy women are not lazy and sport and being fit belong to our lives too!

Sport can relax your mind and according to my experience the last minutes and last kilometers can bring the biggest triumph when you compete with your own self and come over obstacles set by your own mind. 

This Beauty With Plus can achieve big things – she is so full of life and energy, her thinking is positive and loving life is part of her. „I always build up my life to feel good in it”. Only a woman of true words can say this who has self-respect and self-love. Who loves herself with every flaw she possess. When I ask about the best moments of being a model she replies: „I feel absolutely feminine in this role, a real woman in every second of it!” . Of course we spoke about the down parts of the industry as well and Reni’s advise is to be intelligent enough to walk away and do not take everything personal. If you want to become a plus size model  be prepared, it won’t be easy! You need strength, determination, stamina to fight for every achievement!

Even before asking, I was sure about Reni’s fashion taste as I saw all vivid colours and high heels she wore. But I didn’t know that she also taught many women how to walk in those heels! When I ask her about that certain plus which can make you beautiful she says: „Being well-groomed is crucial – till the last minor details as with a fresh manicure, clean clothes and shoes you give the full impression. The brand you wear comes only after!”

She may have some extra weight but she simply does not care as she found her inner peace and loves the woman in the mirror. Her confidence is stabile and her environment reassures it  - all those men looking back agter her even when she is accompanied by a skinnier friend. Her charisma is turly charming – our chat lasted for couple of hours but we really did not notice how time flew by.

Reni is a Beauty With Plus whom you can turn to in case you need some confidence boost or simply for advise how to walk in high heels. She is honest with a lovely smile, her face is shining with happiness and I also have a smile when I write these lines, remembering her beauty. She is the Woman. With capital!


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