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Beauty With Plus movement - Rita Barcsai, Plus Size Model

Ciao Bella,
We have been „chasing” each other for a while with Rita as since I started blogging, she has been an active member of the community. Funnily, I remember her Facebook profile as I always check new members – to get at least a picture of the ladies (or men) who recently joined – and having a good visual memory, I remember those Beauties’ profiles who actively comment and put "like" on my page. We emailed with each other earlier as she invited me to Árkád shopping mall fashion shows where finally plus size models rocked the runway too.

The moment we met I was sure she had mistaken me for someone else – as a slender, tall smiling girl stepped to me to say hi. Of course, speaking of fashion – a size 12 is fitting to plus size model image! At the beginning of our conversation to break the ice I shared my personal story as I felt she needed a bit more time to open up for me.  The ice broke easily and she was telling me about her son (my first shock here) when I felt the need to ask about her age (second shock) as she looked so young with the naughty sparkle in her eyes: 32 years old!

 „A real woman looks like how she feels herself”- said Rita and I drew the conclusion, she must feel really OK. She is pure sophistication with bloomy skin, big brown eyes and a wide smile filled with picture perfect teeth – and she constantly radiates her peace of mind. I was in a positive trance to listen her deliberate  words as she phrased her sentences.  I got the feeling that words carry big importance when she speaks. She really made me smile when described her empathy which makes her into tears even when watching a cartoon. We all know how it feels and empathy is a wonderful feature – you listen to the other, you pay attention and step into her shoes, taking her heart’s each and every beat.  This is such a great plus in a woman which can not be learnt and must be appreciated!

Before telling you her first steps as a plus size model, I share an interesting fact about this Beauty. During the last couple of years she lost 35 pounds (16 kg) and her body went through a complete transformation due to paleolit diet which shuts out cereals. As a child she was always bigger in height and in pounds like her peers and she still holds painfuly a memory of a little boy who bullied her frequently. She felt fat and useless but her family gave great support to survive school years.

Due to the support of her environment, in 2012 she enrolled to a plus size model agency course at Molett Models and started to believe that as a curvy girl she could get into the spotlight, too. Being  a model is not her main source to pay the bills but as a hobby it gives tremendous confidence to her. She loves rocking the catwalk and getting compliments, especially those from fellow women.

For some health reasons she does the paleolit diet and lost some weight but one thing did not change: her soul remained the same of a curvy lady who weighs over 175 lbs (80 kg).
Some of you may ask now how is can happen as surely she sees the change in the mirror and receives feedback from her environment  about her weightloss. I admit I was surprised too when she told about her shopping habits: still she grabs a size 16 UK trousers and realizes in the changing room that she needs smaller indeed. Listening to this made me firmer in my belief: everything is decided in the head! If you feel too fat – your environment will see a chubby girl in you. But if you believe that you are an attractive woman – your confidence will shine and your weight will be the last thing which people will notice about you!

Rita boost her confidence by posing as a plus size model – she was even put in a shop window of underwear brand J Press in a busy shopping mall! I see the big smile on her face when she tells the memories as some ladies ran into the shop to tell her how much confidence and power she gave by posing there with her curves and rocking those underwears!

Her style is the sophisticated elegance – those pastell colours she wore at our meeting fitted perfectly her mediterranean tones.

I saw her empathy, her simple kindness and humbleness as those PLUSes she has within and when I asked her opinion what plus can make a woman beautiful, the answer arrives quickly: „I think a smile and confidence make every woman beautiful! Further I’d add positiveness and power which are really great values in a woman – as a fragile body can hold incredible strength within! We stand on more feet and fulfilling various female roles simultaneously!

If you would also like to share your story with me, drop me an email cupcakeandpearls@gmail.com and we discuss further details!


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