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Beauty With Plus movement - Judit (Plus Size Life blog)

Ciao Bella,

Those who have at least a minimal interest for fashion and type „plus size” already know Judit’s name and her blog, the Plus Size Life. I have known her „virtually” before I started Cupcake&Pearls and during British Plus Size Fashion Weekend we could finally meet in person. She is stylish, chic and giving reliable fashion advices for those in need whether it is a „what-to-wear” at a wedding or at a date. She is that „virtual girlfriend” who will always be honest with you and tell her fashion verdict straight away – and she is honest not only about fashion...

Cupcake&Pearls: I think you are the first Beauty With Plus with whom I obviously start chatting about fashion as you are well-known for your passion. Tell me about the beginnings!

Judit Gergely: That’s right – fashion is my air! Since I was a little girl I was always interested in style and when I grew up I was happy to find my own. I always received many compliments about my style – despite the fact that I am not a skinny girl but this is not important in fashion! My extra weight only helped me to find the right pieces which suit me and to create my own style – so at the end of the day I am grateful for every pound! (she laughs)

Ladies – this is the right attitude! We all know that the more obstacles we face, the more we improve so even if you feel hopeless (whether to find the right size of clothes or shoes) never forget that at the end of the journey you will gain a lot of useful experience! So now the glass is half empty or full?

C&P: I love your positive thinking – what is your source of inspiration?

J.G.: My mom served a great example as she raised 4 of us girls  - you can imagine the amount of time and energy we took from her (she laughs). But she always paid attention to her appearance even if she had to run from music school to trainings with us, she always looked fine. My feeling for fashion grew with the cyber world and I discovered such inspirational bloggers as Gabi Gregg (blog) and Stephanie (blog) who convinced me to start my virtual diary where I upload what I wear on each day. And soon others started to read my diary.

And how many others!  You can find her name on many pages – as 3 years ago, when her blog was only 6 months old she found herself in the office of Glamour magazine where she got an online section as plus size blogger. She is writing her blog with so much and so pure love for fashion and women react to her voice in a very supportive way. She also told me how often she receives emails and messages – either in email, on her Facebook page or in person and curvy women encourage her and are also grateful for her blog. When you read a post, you immediately understand this passion comes from her heart – just like when she talks about her favourite designers, Dolce&Gabbana or Burberry whose clothes she would be more than happy to take.

C&P: Lets talk about the other side as now I know which are your favourites but how you see the style of curvy women? What do we still need to learn?

J.G.:  Everyone can make fashion disasters – but there is no more excuse for leggings-T-shirt combination or leggings worn with mini skirt. Personally I dislike layered lace skirts ending at ankle, crocs slippers, transparent tops and too deep cleavage. This latter comes from low self-esteem as many curvy women think their breasts are the only to be proud of so let them showcase to the whole world. But if they would recognize how loveable their bodies are – they would give up wearing low-cut tops. Ladies, believe me that you can still be fahsionable with extra pounds as well as beauty does not depend on age or weight! But you can read about it more on Susie’s blog, Cupcake&Pearls!

C&P: Totally agree! And speaking of inner beauty – what is that plus which can make a woman beautiful?

J.G.:  Cheeriness and positive attitude are the most important! A charming smile and kindness are powerful weapons which a woman can have – and they can boost your appearance and beautiness.

C&P: And after discovering our inner values – what to put on? What are your current favourite fashion pieces?

J.G.:  My readers know how much I love skater dresses as they fit every shape. Lately my jeans jacket and nude high heels became essential elements of daily outfits. Let me mention the importance of manicure as  well-groomed hands can add so much for the final look. Furthermore, my perfect accessory is my bicycle and finally the weather is nice enough to ride it.

I was really happy that the topic of sport came up during our conversation as both of us agreed on the importance of health and exercise. Judit has a lot of experience with diets, she knows that yoyo effect to lose-gain back weight before accepting her body as it is. For a while these diets worked but finally she always put back what she lost and did not do good for her health. She told me how much she was bullied in primary school but later as the kids grew more mature, she was accepted and loved by her peers. She was always outspoken – and this got my attention when we met. I remember back in London after the press day of the event we continued our talks in a bar about blogging, fashion and so much more. She is such a good hearted girl who loves to help! Obviously it is hard to get to know someone solely based on her writings so I was excited to meet Judit in person and she had the same simple, familiar tone likewise to her blog.

My Beauties – if you need fashion advice, follow her as you can learn and inspire a lot from her outfit posts or styling posts where she includes latest trends in our sizes. As she says „Size can’t stop me” – I’m really happy to have Judit as our new member of Beauty With Plus movement!

You can follow her on:
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