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Beauty With Plus movement - interview with Briana Harrington plus size model

Ciao Bella,

The Kardashians. We all speak about them – I admit to follow their pages on social media and this is where I came across some behind the scene pictures for their new collection with a girl whose smile was so vibrant yet natural that I had to look up who is she. Her name is Briana Harrington and believe it or not – by the age of 19 she already made her mark in the industry. I was really happy to catch her on a sunny Sunday afternoon – well, for me it was night but who cares about the time zones – and had a lovely chat about her rising career...

Briana with the Kardashian sisters

CUPCAKE&PEARLS: It sounds funny as your are still only 19 yrs old, but please tell me about the beginnings of your career!

BRIANA HARRINGTON: Yeah, I know – everything happened so fast! I recall two iconic moments, both reveal around Torrid – I was 14 when I saw their advertisment and it truly empowered me to see a curvy woman on an ad. And funnily, some years later – at 17 I got my first job as a plus size model to work for Torrid and so I could be the curvy women of their ad. I really wish to inspire other women – especially little girls like I was to embrace their curves..

C&P: As they say, everything happens for a reason – and I know that after Torrid campaign you made another dream come true to be in the magazine which you read as a teenager.

B.H.:   Yes, Seventeen magazine was a real dream coming true – and it started just as a nice trial to send my pictures to a national competition I heard about, organized by the well-known supermodel, Tyra Banks for Seventeen magazine called „Fiercely Real Model Search”. And then an email changed everything around – I was selected from the thousands of applicants to travel to New York city and make a photoshooting together with 3 other girls and the beautiful Tyra. It felt so irrealistic but yet uplifting to walk into the offices of Seventeen magazine and meeting the editor-in-chief. Those 2 days memories never fade and was a real milestone in my career to make a breakthrough.

Seventeen Magazine - with Tyra Banks

C&P: Your story really gives me the creeps – and yet inspiring how every dream can come true! And what happened next?

B.H.: Since last year June I am signed with Natural Models  and I feel blessed as I love my job to show my curves to other women and send the message: „You should also love your body with every inch of it and do not feel guilty to have curves but embrace them!”.  And 2 months ago I could rock my curves in the new Kardashian Kollection campaign as well – which was really fun shooting and project to do. It also started as an application for a model search where I sent my pictures and then I was the one to be selected.

Kardashian Kurves Kollection

C&P: And what is the next project in your career?

B.H.: I’m so excited as May brings along my very first fashion show to participate and I am especially looking forward to it as charity is involved. I will rock the runway at Evolution of Curves fashion show which is a series of shows organized for 5 years on now and supporting a charity cause and donation. So this is not only a typical show but education and empowerment – which unities my goals with modeling perfectly!

C&P: And what or who is your inspiration source?

B.H.: Tess Munster with her whole being  - who proved that despite she was not tall enough and  too curvy for plus size modelling, everything is possible! You just have to believe in yourself and stop comparing yourself with others! You are a unique beauty – just believe it!

Behind the scenes

C&P: What advice you would give for those reading this interview and lack of self-confidence?

B.H.: I was always the curvy girl in the class in school and my peers often bullied me so they pushed me to depression. I had to make a choice: live in misery or stand up and show the world : This is me and I love myself just the way I am! of course eating healthy is important and I always did sports but do not let other people try to change the way you are, including your appearance. Get as many positive people around you as possible  - I know your blog and the community is a great start, full of inspiring thoughts, motivational blog posts and encouraging kindness from you. Another advice for the morning routine: look into the mirror and say you are beautiful – first you may not believe it, but eventually you will!

C&P: So true! And now as you are officially joining my movement of „Beauties With Plus”- I am curious,what do you think:  what plus can make a woman beautiful?

B.H.: Being totally happy! This is so important and radiates on all your charisma – if you enjoy life with every small details of it, let it be a coffee or a bunch of flowers, your laughter and kindness truely can make you look beautiful!

C&P: And last but not least – tell me about your latest fashion obsession!

B.H: I’m going crazy for peplum tops and street, edgy looks, paired with 4-5 inch (10-12 cm) high heels. I think high heels are the eternal essentials – even if you are a tall girl like me (175 cm), spice it up with those heels!

C&P: It was really fun talking to you, thank you very much for the interview!

I’m sure you will hear her name in the future – I definitely will keep an eye on this Beauty with Plus with whom my conversation turned out to be a bubbly, fun talk with so much laughter. She is an easy-going, fun-to-be-with girl whose natural beauty and smile sweep you off your feet. It is so hard to believe that in her school years her bullying went so far that she started to have an eating disorder. Hopefully her story serves as a motivation for younger readers to stop torturing themselves and see the beauty in every cm of their bodies. Because you are beautiful – follow Briana’s advice which I also told you earlier: look into the mirror with love because that is your gorgeous body, a unique masterpiece which deserves to be loved! 

p.s. in case you missed, she also sent a video message to You:



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