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Beauty With Plus movement - Amáli Fernandes, Miss Plus Size Sao Paolo, Brazil

Ciao Bella,

The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, Gisele Bündchen, football  - just to name a few words which come to my mind when thinking of Brazil. The stereotype of Brazilian woman has curves, know how to dance salsa and has a flat tummy. But that’s enough of stereotypes – I did not have idea about the everyday women of this Southern American country until I got the chance to make an interview with one of the most beautiful of them in the plus size industry, Miss Plus Size Sao Paolo, Amáli Fernandes.

CUPCAKE&PEARLS: I heard of Brazilian straight models but not much of plus size models. Are they recognized in the fashion industry?

AMÁLI FERNANDES: Honestly we are a bit behind as plus size models and curvy women in general still need to struggle to gain positive attention. Not many retailers and fashion designers exist to offer clothes in our sizes and there is a negative connotation of being curvy=sick. People immediately worry about your cholesterol or blood pressure if you have extra weight. I also receive many times compliments about my face but no words about my body.

C&P.: What I can see through the video camera and as well on your pictures, you have all assets to feel beautiful from head to toe! And there is a crown as well to prove that, please tell about your title and the competition!

A.F.: Thank you, I also love every piece of my body! Everything started last year when I helped a friend who organized a street fashion show for one of my favourite plus size brand Xiis. My environment and even strangers encouraged me to apply for a national competition last year October, the „Real woman” . I was then selected for the final 21 girls and I enjoyed every minute of the show. The backstage atmosphere was so friendly and helpful – it was hardly noticeable that we were in a competition. We had three tours: swimwear, coctail dress and as the last we wore gala dresses and the magical moment happened when I received the crown full of beautiful Brazilian rocks and the title Miss Plus Size Sao Paolo. I was floating above the ground and could not stop smiling!

C&P: And you are still smiling!

A.F.: Of course! (she laughs) I always smile and I also tell to other people: always give a smile for yourself in the mirror and for others! Be happy as you have all the reasons: you have 2 arms, you have 2 legs, you basically have all what it takes to live a happy life! I think being a plus size girl is absolutely normal – I am like anyone else, just wear a bigger size number.

C&P: That is so true! I love your positive attitude! Tell me what happened after the competition?

A.F.: I won not just the title but some dresses and a nice holiday, too – and I do really enjoy when people recognize me at events or on the street and they always have some positive words for me. I will represent Brazil in September at the Miss Plus Caribbean Universe competition where I’ll honour my family roots and combine some Arabic dance with salsa at the talent show. I am really excited for this event! Beside that I am a makeup artist and have a photo studio where I prove women (and men) that they can look beautiful on the pictures. Nowadays I just started my blog to inspire Brazilian women how they all can love their curves. (for Amáli's blog click here)

C&P: You are really multitasking – how do you have the energy for all of that?

A.F.: I love my job and I love to help people to gain self-confidence. Women must take care about how they look and even just a little makeup can make miracles – this is what I teach them during my makeup lessons.

C&P: And how do you get self-confidence?

A.F.: Well, it was a long journey. I have 2 sisters, by age I am the youngest but I am the biggest one. My parents told me to lose weight since my childhood and I always struggled with diets. Sometimes I lost many pounds but then they all came back – it was until I accepted my body as it is and told everyone „I don’t want to lose weight! I’m very happy like this”. What really fills me up when I am down is to do what makes me happy: sometimes it is a coffee with my friends or a plate of pasta or spending time with my parrots or my dog. You need to dedicate time for yourself and to discover happiness in every small activity.

C&P:  And what is that plus which can make a woman beautiful?

A.F.: Happiness! I have never seen a happy but ugly woman! (she laughs)

C&P: Thank you so much for the interview and fingers crossed for Miss Plus Caribbean Universe!

There may have been 10 000 km (6.000 miles) distance between us and it was the first time we ever spoke but by the end of the conversation I received an invitation to Brazil and I know she really meant it.  Her smile was so genuine and she talked about curvy size so naturally like it any other topic, including her latest fashion obsession, the monochrome. I am sure she is the girl with whom you can dance salsa at 5 am on the street on the way home or who will join you for any crazy ideas which you may have. When she talked about her family, every of her word was filled with love – she spoke with so much respect. Her character showed a simple and pure beauty who want to inspire others to feel good in their skins. Her constant force to improve and get better at what she is doing could serve as an example for all of us: as this girl already has a crown but her humbleness shines brighter than any of those stones!

Last but not least, some kind words from her in a video message:

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Amáli's blog: click here
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