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Beauty With Plus movement - Dóri from Plus Size Advice

 Ciao Bella,

Many times during our lives we reach the bottom when we fall down, merged in self-pity and everything seems so hopeless that we wish just to disappear and get buried in pain. This is exactly what happened to Dóri after a tough breakup but then something marvellous occured which shall give motivation for all of us that life throws you presents in the darkest moments too – you just need to recognize them.

This young girl had a vision, she saw a dream: to become the motivation for plus size ladies, to give helping hands for curvy women who need self-condifence. She felt it down to her bones that this is her street and her friends supported her idea as her style was always flawless and with much empathy she reached out for people in need. Last autumn Plus Size Advice was born – a Facebook page then later a blog and self-confidence boosting styling service which soon gained more and more followers.

But before jumping to her present – lets discover her past. Dóri was so open and relaxed when we met that from the very first moments of our conversation I felt like talking to a long-time-not-seen friend who has much to say . Her honest eyes were dependable and it felt good to look into her blue eyes (oh, those eyes!) and listen to her genuine happiness and enthusiasm when she spoke about her rapidly growing community or about her other passion, the handball. As she described, she was always bigger than her peers in school and her sporty family background determined the role of sport in her life from early childhood. For a while she was even contemplating professional sport career but soon she had to realize it was not meant to be.

Honestly I was a bit afraid to ask about childhood weight issues since her father and brother lived for sport – and of course she confirmed the fight with the extra kilos was a constant topic. Thank God she could always rely on her sweet grandpa whose idea of beauty was a curvy woman and he always had some kind words for the little chubby girl.

But her weight was not the only which differenciated Dóri from her peers – she was that self-confident girl who liked the attention, whose idea mattered and who people listened to. Bubbly, talkative, always got it off her chest who has the confidence and vision to make her dreams come true – because I am sure she really found her way with PSA.

But there was life before PSA – she worked as an event planner and beauty contests were part of her everyday life which had big importance later on. She was the main organizer of Miss Alps-Adria Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county beauty contest which was full of beatiful and pretty girls – but she noticed something else. Most of these girls received many presents at the competition but it seemed they could not appreciate neither the gifts nor their lucky life with perfect bodies. Even if they had it all – beautiful face, flawless body and pile of gifts.

So we are entitled to say – the perfect body is not all?

Since Dóri always got positive feedbacks about her style – she decided to give advice for curvy women like herself and reveal sources of plus size shops and provide styling advices how to make our look unique with the right accessories: Plus Size Advice was born which is far more than a virtual community by now. At the moment there are 2 types of programmes for those who are open for some self-confidence boost (and who  would not?). Those seeking for self-acceptance and self-confidence help can attend Self-confidence Growing programme – which is a one day girly fun with the help of Dóri’s team. It starts with one-on-one coaching conversations followed by professional makeup, hairstyling, outfit styling and photo session.

The Beauty Day course is for those who look for everyday solution – women bring their own makeup kits and learn how to use them properly and after a styling session they also receive a professional photo shooting close of the day.

Her work definitely pays off – and what better evidence you would need if not those thank you emails which she receives daily. If you put your heart into what you are doing – the results will  show what difference you can make: like a letter from a mom in her 40s who is grateful her long-lost confidence which Dóri gave back or that curvy young girl who started finally wearing skirts due to Dóri’s advice.  She really pays attention to all details – during our talk she kept one eye on her girls as I visited them during the Beauty Day and though by that time the beautiful ladies already got their makeup and styling – Dóri wanted to make sure that everything went according to the plans and all are satisfied and happy.

It was so great to see those ladies and I was happy we met during the Beauty Day so I could see their true happiness with my own eyes – after getting a professional makeup and the right dress. Even their facial expression changed – they saw the beautiful women in themselves.

Speaking of beauty, I wanted to know is Dóri sees herself beautiful and what is her source of inspiration to boost her own self-confidence. I would like to quote here her answer as every word had its importance: „I know I am beautiful but not necessarily due to outside features – rather due to the fact that I know I am a good person who is unselfish and ready to help”.  She phrased that PLUS so perfectly which I saw in her – and later she just added humour as well which I can not agree more. We must learn to smile – sometimes laugh at our own self as it can be such a great help in the darkest moments.

Not to miss fashion  - I wanted to know what is her personal taste, what pieces she goes crazy for: „Blazers, blazers, blazers” and she also keen on accessories and high heel shoes.  I can not agree more with her on the importance of high heels – they can transform you as well as your confidence, my Mister’s reactions confirm this fact :) Who needs more evidence than a man’s compliments?

I’m sure it was not the last time to meet Dóri – hopefully she will join with other Beauties With Plus on 11 May when I organize the very first Cupcake&Pearls get together!

Plus Size Advice on Facebook: CLICK HERE 


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