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Beauty With Plus - Napsugár (Sunshine)

Ciao Bella,

I met Napsugár (her name means Sunshine) couple of weeks ago on  the casting of Miss Curvy&Hot Hungary for an upcoming plus size fashion show. The casting went well, every applicants arrived with a big smile and they were really friendly. Then the door opened and literally the Sunshine arrived: the girl with the biggest smile, love of life and energy. They say after experiencing the hell you can appreciate the good times more – and I can’t agree more when I think about this young lady who told the story of her life to me.  Before our meeting I somehow felt she would inspire many with her story and actually I was right: I was listening to her with a smile and sometimes with tears in my eyes.

Her husband accompanied her to our meeting – who is her crutch as she calls her other half. They were behaving like lovebirds and though they are not teenagers anymore, the love and respect was in the air! As her story reveals, I understand her love for shoes come from early childhood when she was a very active little girl. In the kindergarten they noticed that Napsugár did not listen when they called her name but thought it is only a lack of attention. But soon they all understood it is something more: she is 95% deaf who does not hear her own voice. Her mother tried every possibe way to help the little girl – this is how with a lot of practice and special help she learned to speak. This is a huge success as usually deafs are not able to speak since they can not hear how to form the sounds.

Primary school held a lot of sorrow for the young girl as her peers made jokes about the „UFO girl” (as they called her due to the hearing aid she had to wear). However the warm home environment and the love for fashion helped to escape from the bullying and she admired all models appearing in the office of her sewing lady mom. She started rythmical gymnastics at a very early age, followed by various other sports as judo, aikido and instead of getting down after being rejected from the ballet institute (due to her disability of hearing), she enjoyed being an active kid and did everything to stay in shape.

How strange life is – we are afraid of something then we get it as a lesson to learn. It happened to Napsugár as well… After secondary school she had to face further dramas: the lost of her beloved father shook the whole family and financial stability was a must to create. She still has some tears in her eyes when speaking of her admired father who taught her how to deal with bullying and accept and enjoy life to the fullest.

I found her such a wonderful person who can still smile and stay positive, despite all the drama she had to experience. But from where does she get the energy and power? „It is simple! The source is the power of love! We must take care of our beloved ones as they give so much strength and happiness” How simple it sounds – and what a cliche, as negative people would comment. But instead of being so bitter, take a moment to think over how much you owe to your loved ones. I think a whole lifetime would not be enough to pay back what our moms did for us.

After her graduation, Napsugár worked in a pastry shop tor un the business while her boyfriend was away. Carrying 25 kg sacks were part of her job, however one day the worst possible happened. She got a slipped disc and her left leg got paralyzed. She got into a wheelchair but instead of getting down, she stood up, literally. This is what I call persistence and let me quote one of her most powerful sentences: „Never say never and that you give up! Because at the end of the way there is always some light. May be small light, almost not visible but you must believe it is there! It will give you strength!”

Though she learned how to walk again, she had to stop all type of sports and as a result, extra weight appeared on the girl who always hated fat people. So now she had to learn to accept and love herself with extra 50 kg which she gained. When I ask her about the method how to accept ourselves, she replies: „Knowing yourself is a long process and does not happen overnight. First make friends with the mirror as it is not your enemy, moreover it can help to notice those little details which can make your look complete: a little lipstick or mascara. Do not try to be different – accept your own self and see the miracle which is inside you. Of course if you want to change, you can but with a lot of patience. But if you don’t love yourself, how could you love any other?”

Her husband, János helped in this process as well as he convinced the girl to look into the mirror and see the same beauty what he sees when he looks at her. In the last 4 years since they got together, her husband is her biggest support and since then she thinks of her curves differenty: „My name is Anna which is the same to read from both direction – just like me, I am the same from front and back: curvy! But you know what? It doesn’t matter as I shine!”.

She passed the sign language exam and did not give up sport completely. I could not hide the surprise on my face when she talked about her biggest love, the music. I had to ask the obvious question: how can she enjoys music without hearing it? Then she explains how you must feel the music, the vibes next to a speaker, with all your body. So she created a new dance type where combining pantomim elements with sign language, she transmits the rythm of the music for her deaf peers to enjoy it. Her favourite piece is Bhrams Symphony 5. which is played pn the violins which have so high frequency so she can hear it a little. And she decided to learn how to play the violin – truely, she is unstoppable.

Some centuries ago we could have called her a Renaissance „man” as beside being a teacher of sign language dance, she is a photographer and reporter for 15 years, also finished medical massage school and a plus size model course, too. In her free time she enjoys writing songs and poems, she is member of a special choir and made several videos which can be found on youtube.

The sweetest moment of our talk is definitely when she tells me her love story with her husband. As Napsugár had problems with her teeth too since very early childhood, her mom never allowed her to eat hard candy. One day when she was giving medical massages in an event, she met János who invited her for a walk and a hard candy. Napsugár immediately fell in love with both – the sweet and the man. „Those who deny eating these sweets are really stupid! The moment when the sugar melts in your mouth, you start seeing the world a better place”

And finally, what is that PLUS? If so far it was not enough, let me tell you that Napsugár teaches sign dance for free. And why? Because she thinks good deeds is that plus which can make you feel and look beautiful. She also asked me to pass her message: Help others as some good deeds would never hurt anyone!

I am not sure if I could list all that plus which she possess but definitely she is a Beauty with Plus!


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