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About a model who wants to be a role model - Jada Sezer interview, BPSFW

Ciao Bella,

When heading to London to be part of the first British Plus Size Fashion Weekend I had names on my head with whom I definitely wanted to meet. Jada Sezer was one particular beauty whose body I have seen frequently since she is the curvy goddess on the logo of the event. 

Obviously I saw more than a body, especially after reading an interview with her where one of her sentences got stuck in my mind: „I do not want to be a model, I want to be a role model”. Before the event I agreed via email with the 23 year old plus size model to set up an interview meeting and she was happy to tell me more about her carreer, dreams and that certain PLUS she possesses.

Cupcake&Pearls: The whole world is familiar with your swimsuit dress but only a few may know how did your career start?

Jada Sezer: As most of the girls, I was not born as a model (she laughs) –I have a degree in counceling and psychology. One day a friend of mine asked me to model for him for some fun pictures and the response was so positive that I thought to give it a try and since March 2012 I am represented by Hughes Models. I take it so seriously to focus on my path that since July I am a full time plus size model with various exciting projects and one of them is being the face of the first British Plus Size Fashion Weekend.

C&P: That is definitely a big step in your rising carreer – congratulations! Can you also name other projects where we could see your face?

Evolve Magazine cover

J.S.: I recently finished a campaign for Debenhams and already worked for Sainsbury and Shapewear. My next project is with Asos Curve – but let me keep more details in secret for the moment! (this interview was made on 15 February – Jada’s pictures for Asos are online since last week, the editor)

C&P.: This sounds truly inspiring and exciting, I can’t wait to see you on Asos! Since you live from your appearance I can not avoid an obvious question. Your figure is so flawless, your whole body is very well-toned – is it genetics?

Asos Curve

J.S.: My genetics is a mixture of Turkish and Spanish mediterranean origins with rich cooking culture (she laughs) and I was big even for a baby. I was always taller and bigger than the average – though with solid tones. I must admit I love to eat delicious dishes but of course I eat consciously and take care of my body. This is a cultural heritage to respect.

C&P: Taking one’s body as cultural heritage is an interesting thought – what do you mean by that?

J.S.: I believe that in order to love our bodies we must go back to the roots: eating, cooking is part of our history and background. Why would I be disrespectful towards my Turkish roots and refuse a saucy plate of kebab? You must be proud of your origins – and eating is part of your culture! 

C&P.: True! And what would be your advise for a curvy girl to deal with the extra pounds?

J.S.: The most important is to accept the skin you live in – no matter the colour or the size of it, it is yours, so take it with love! Once you accept yourself the next step is to learn how to style your body. Do not torture yourself if you are size 12+ by going to highend shops which obviously do not offer clothes in your size – rather explore plus size retailers and online shops! There is no need to upset yourself with clothes out of your size. Express your being, your personality by your style.

 British Plus Size Fashion Weekend

C&P: After hearing how passionately you speak about positive body image, I see your wish as a role model more clearly!

J.S.: Yes, this is my path where I want to express myself in – to inspire others, to represent self-esteem, to help others achieving mental health and harmony! 

C&P: Thank you so much for the encouraging words!

When I mentioned Jada about my Beauties with Plus movement – she got completely excited and assured me that women really need to realize all pluses they have inside and out. For my question what may represent the certain plus in a woman to be proud of, Jada’s answer was quick and straightforward: „Integrity, staying true to yourself and be consistent with your morals and values!” She echoed so important messages which this world really needs – staying true to yourself! Do not want to be someone else and do not compare yourself – at the end of the day you should be able to look into the mirror and see the same „you” there whom you are proud of!
Beside outside beauty, Jada proved herself to be an intelligent and sure-footed girl with so much kindness for the others. Whenever she stepped into the room, she got attention due to her beauty and I really liked her down-to-earth attitude, her humour and positive thinking. She is a real Beauty with Plus – who proudly joined my Beauties with Plus movement!


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